P r o c l a i m  J u b i l e e !

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Agenda 2017 in preparation!

The Planning Committee for the 2017 series of Agenda for a Prophetic Faith is hard at work recruiting speakers and firming up locations where our next series of events address steps to help renew the conditions for life to flourish.

We currently have firm plans for Sister Simone Campbell, SSS, leader of the “Nuns on the Bus” to return and hope to soon finalize details for a lecture by Professor Katharine Hayhoe, Evangelical Christian Climate Scientist.

Watch this space!

Looking back on 2016

By proclamation of Pope Francis, 2016 is to be a Year of Jubilee, in honor of the 50th anniversary of Vatican II. What is the meaning of this gesture on the Pope’s part?

In biblical times, once every seven years, debts were to be forgiven, slaves freed, and the land allowed to lie fallow. Furthermore, every 49 years, land that had been alienated from its original owners was to be returned to its families of origin.

The intent of this ancient legislation seems to have been to radically equalize the conditions for life to flourish in terms of the land tenure and productive systems then in place. But whether, and to what extent, such regulations were ever put into practice remains a question, as does what they might mean for us in our very different economic, social, and political conditions.

The very existence of these regulations in the Hebrew scriptures, however, raises a thought-provoking question for all persons of faith: what would happen if, in the spirit of the Jubilee, we were to give serious consideration about how to renew the conditions for life to flourish, not just among the marginal and threatened sectors of our population, but for the land and the creatures as well--all the residents of what the Pope calls “our conmon home”?

A Prophet ‘…is a person who knows what time it is.’
Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel

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