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Proclaim Jubilee!

The events of 2016 brought an end to the establishment’s comfortable reign through its control of the two party system. Much that once seemed steady and secure in our common life is now in flux. The result may be disastrous, and we must be prepared to resist some of the changes that now have political power behind them. But the new situation also offers an opening to think more radically and to organize for what is truly needed. The 2017 lecture series of the Agenda for a Prophetic Faith considers what we are called to do now in light of the Jubilee vision. What can we do to renew the conditions for life to flourish in what Pope Francis has called “our common home?”


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February 26,

7 PM

Claremont United Methodist Church, 211 W. Foothill Blvd.,
Claremont, CA 91711

Lecture 1

John B. Cobb, Jr.

Claremont, CA
Author, Jesus’ Abba: The God Who Has Not Failed

“Can the Recent Election Become a Positive Factor in World History?”

Obviously, on many issues, those working in the prophetic tradition will find themselves in a defensive position in the coming four years. But there some positive opportunities opened up by trump’s victory and the strong response to it. John B. Cobb, Jr., a long standing leader in the prophetic critique of modern society, will highlight some of the possibilities. The political establishment, consisting of two quite similar parties has been shaken, and fundamental questions about the financial system may surface for reconsideration. The new power of climate change-deniers may lead those who want to save the world from disaster to think more radically about what is required.

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March 5,

7:00 PM

Claremont Presbyterian Church, 1111 N. Mountain Ave., Claremont, CA 91711

Lecture 2

Todd Miller

Border, Arizona

Author, Border Patrol Nation: Dispatches from the Front Lines of Homeland Security and Storming the Wall — Climate Change, Migration, and Homeland Security

"The Creation of a Border Security State"

In the heat of the reaction to 911, the Department of Homeland Security has grown by leaps and bounds, and has instituted programs of far-reaching significance to all American citizens. What they have created might be called the Border Security State, and every American citizen ought to be cognizant of what it means for the future of democracy in the United States. What is involved is not just the security of immigrants, legal and illegal, but also the security, and democratic way of life, of all of us in what used to be called the land of the free and home of the brave.

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March 12,

7:00 PM

La Verne Church of the Brethren,
2425 E Street,
La Verne, CA 91750

Lecture 3

Donna Orange

Claremont, CA

Author, Climate Crisis, Psychoanalysis, and Radical Ethics among others (see her website below).

“Climate Justice, History and Unconsciousness”

Many of us engage with the difficult subjects in life, but have been slow to address climate change. Confronted with the latest scientific evidence on the likely effects of climate change, we avoid the warnings.

We need prophetic voices to summon us to emerge from our comfortable consuming lives. Daily engaged with human suffering, we psychotherapists, for example, now face the inextricably bound together crises of global warming and massive social injustices, as well a challenges to the foundations of democracy. But living on land stolen from indigenous people and benefitting constantly from the legacy of slaver keeps us numb to others’ suffering from climate change. Only a radical ethics of responsibility to be “my other’s keeper” will truly wake us up to climate change, bring all of actively to take on our responsibili- ties, such as demanding change from governments, living more simply, and caring for the earth and its inhabitants everywhere.

Donna's webstie

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March 19,

7:00 PM

Holy Name of Mary Catholic Church,
724 E. Bonita Ave., San Dimas, CA 91773

Lecture 4

Sister Simone Campbell, SSS

Director, NETWORK — Lobby for Catholic Social Justice

”Pope Francis and the Way Forward”

Pope Francis has become an important leader on the world scene, not just for Christians but for all people of good will concerned about the future of the world in which we reside.

Looking ahead, what riches of wisdom and practice might be brought to the bear by a faith community with over 2,000 years of caring for the widow, the orphan, the outcast — and for all of creation?

NETWORK — Lobby for Catholic Social Justice

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April 23,

7:00 PM

Claremont United Church of Christ (UCC),
233 W. Harrison St.,
Claremont, CA 91711

Lecture 5

Mike Kinman,

Rector, All Saints Episcopal Church, Pasadena, CA

"Property, Slavery, and the Gospel of Economic Growth

America was built on property rights. Property rights determined who wrote the Constitution, was a primary concern of the Constitution, and determined who got to vote. Today, property value determines the quality of public education, economic opportunity, health care, food and more. Slavery and the genocide of our natives is a story about how property - and the ability to use it to generate wealth – became more important than people. Today, property and the ability to use it to generate more property and capital is still our nation's central concern. The Gospel of economic growth is not allowed to be challenged ... despite the fact that it is ecologically and morally unsustainable. The valuing of economic growth over all else is literally causing vast disparities in living conditions and life expectancies as well as a global environmental catastrophe. Yet every major political and spiritual voice continues to promote it as the greatest good. Tragically, looking through the lens of uprisings in Ferguson, Baltimore, Cleveland, Milwaukee and elsewhere, it is clear that property still matters more than people. What is our call right now as American Christians to intervene on behalf of people?

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A Prophet ‘…is a person who knows what time it is.’
Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel

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