Sponsors of the 2017 Lecture Series

To be included here, please contact the coordinator, John Forney, for details, or mail your check made out to “Agenda” to

John Forney
c/o Agenda
P. O. Box 517
Claremont, CA 91711

2017 Individual Sponsors

    •Donna Ambrogi
    Thomas Armbruster
    •Brian & Colleen Bennett
    Beth & Mel Boynton
    •Marilyn Brydolf
    *Bill & Betty Clements
    •John Cobb
    •Gordon & Jane Douglass
    •Mary Gindhart
    •Wes & Katie Hawks
    •David Held
    •Margaret Hover
    •Margaret & Charles Jordan
    •David & Karen Lull
    •Margaret Mathies
    •Don Martens
    •Marianna McClanahan
    •Phil & Deborah McKean
    •Wilma McLeod
    •Frederick & Joan Roth
    •Teresia Santee
    •Constance & Don Waddell
    •Marsha & John Wolfersberger

2017 Institutional Sponsors

    •Claremont Presbyterian Church
    •Claremont United Church of Christ
    •Claremont United Methodist Church
    •Forney Charities
    •La Verne Church of the Brethren
    •Ontario First Christian Church

A Prophet ‘…is a person who knows what time it is.’
Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel

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